We support Les Schwab Tires Centers working to create a permanent site for Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, by selling them the parcel of urban farmland they are on for the future good of our community.

This site is a working archive of our letters as customers to Les Schwab Tire Centers.

We are customers in Oregon & Washington, and some of us from farther away.

picking up her baby ducklings


3 responses to “About

  1. Tanya Schaefer

    Do the right thing!

  2. I want naomi’s to stay! They have helped me cultivate my urban garden and thus support the local culture of Portland. There is no other nursery of farm supply like them. The people there actually help you with any questions and have guided me, a city-girl from Houston, TX, through growing my own vegetables for the first time. Portland needs this nursery!

  3. Michael Foreman

    Dear Les Schwab – Don’t be like just another big company. We know you can do the right thing. Prove that our belief in you is true. Show everyone that you are different. Show that you hear us, understand us and care about our community.

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