What would Les do if he were here?

CLARIFICATION: We are very PRO Tire Store.

There is room for BOTH. We strongly support both a new Les Schwab tire center on the acre or more of land facing 99E (exactly where they want to build) and keeping Naomi’s on the current acre (or less if needed for more parking) facing residential Sellwood, that they are currently on. We think the site they want to build on is actually perfect for a Les Schwab store and will add convenience for all of us. It would be a bit loud shopping for plants right along the busy highway, but it’s great for automotive use and it would be a neat juxtaposition of the two companies. What better than to have a new sustainably designed tire center on an acre, next to a really fun acre of flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, goats, chickens and where our kids can play. Sounds like sweet urban planning.

The Les Schwab Tires Corporation executives in Bend, OR (photo right) are still privately deliberating.  There has been no response to this petition, the Oregonian article, or our point-by-point response letter, yetWe hope there will be.

Their 420+ tire store managers and employees are working hard to provide the best customer service they can.  We realize that the executives and lawyers at the top of large corporations move slowly, though.

Each day, at their headquarters, they are receiving more and more of your petition signatures, letters, phone calls, emails, postcards, photos, videos and children’s drawings, in a way that is unprecedented for them.  You are an incredible force of positivity.

Excitingly, Les Schwab still has no plans to build on the acre Naomi’s is currently on, just on the neighboring asphalt acre.

Naomi’s could stay on the sunny acre of urban farm land.

Les Schwab could complete the purchase, remediation and building of the tire center they have planned for the neighboring asphalt acre property.

We could all win as customers and neighbors!

Per Les Schwab’s letter to their customers (below), Naomi’s has sent their rent in for June and the shop is thriving.

With your continued and growing support this summer, we can work to permanently keep Naomi’s right where they are and support a new tire store right next door at the same time.

Les, the man, provided many people with their first 4-H farm animals.  He would truly love being neighbors with Naomi’s shop and urban farm.

Please continue emailing us your copies of your letters, art and thoughts to friendsofnaomis@gmail.com and we will post them here.

Thank you!
Friends of Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply

* 3 photos of Naomi’s from Sweet Little Sasquatch blog


The Oregonian & Weekend Parties!

Check out this article in The Oregonian! Les Schwab could show it values community by letting Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply stay on Southeast Portland lot  (more photos online, too)

and this weekend there are two great events – right now a big craft bazaar and two more a culinary benefit – see Naomi’s website for all the details.

And the Petition is growing and full of positive comments for these two great Oregon shops!

A Conversation with Friends of Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply and Les Schwab Tire Centers